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Sessions with Adee

How it works

Our time together will feature a mixture of coaching, experiential exercises, and time for questions. Everyone’s sessions are unique, but the process as a whole is designed to empower you and equip you with tools and insights to use on your own. Some people require only a few sessions while others benefit from a series of appointments. Everyone starts with one longer initial intake session, but there is a lot of flexibility in scheduling sessions after that. We’ll discuss what works best for you. 


Sessions are currently available over Zoom. I hope to return to offering in-person sessions in the near future.


My next online workshop date is TBD, but coming soon.

Working with me
What you can expect

  • Help in assessing your current situation, recognizing and building on current successes, and setting attainable goals.

  • Support in moving out of feelings of isolation or overwhelm.

  • A compassionate space for healing mind, body and spirit. 

  • Simple, practical tools to soothe your nervous system, promote balance, and prepare you to meet everyday challenges.

  • Targeted guided meditations recorded just for you and focusing on your most pressing issues. 

  • Support in understanding individual vs collective suffering and letting go of other people's energy.

  • Gentle yet powerful support in opening to your intuition and trusting your inner wisdom.

Reminder: While this work can help with improving your quality of life and mental wellbeing, I am not a licensed therapist or medical doctor. I am happy to refer people to other practitioners if they need help I can’t provide. I don’t offer medical advice nor do I suggest supplements or diets for clients with chronic health concerns. New client paperwork and agreement must be completed and returned prior to our first session.


How to work with me

New Client Session

Single one and a half hour session 



This is required for anyone who hasn’t worked with me before. We’ll take time to clarify the issues you’re facing and give you some next steps and tools to help you move forward. This session can be a stand alone or serve as an introduction to doing more coaching with me.


Three Session Package

A La Carte Coaching

Three One Hour Session Package &  20 - 30 minute Guided Meditation Recording


The first two sessions take place in consecutive weeks and then we’ll schedule the third one after you’ve been able to work with your tailored guided meditation recording for a couple of weeks. Great for people who want to go deeper with their healing and commit to having more accountability and support over a longer period of time. Written notes from each session and limited email support will be available.

Single one hour session


These sessions are for people who have already worked with me. Scheduled as needed.

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