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Readings are $150 for an hour.

Click the "book now" button and we'll set up a time by email.  

Payment will be requested via Venmo or PayPal. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. 

Zen Tarot Readings

How it works

Readings are one hour long. These sessions are great if you need more clarity around a specific situation you’re facing or want a better understanding of the broader trends in your life. I take a deeply intuitive approach and focus on the positive without sugarcoating the challenges.


I use the Osho Zen Tarot deck because I love its colorful images, broad outlook, and ability to help illuminate the Spiritual aspect of any situation. I've found these bright and healing images add a deeper dimension to my readings and are relatable and accessible to people from many different backgrounds. 


These readings are not about telling you what to do. That's ultimately up to you. What they can do is shed light on your experience and help you see things from a broader perspective. 

Readings take place by Zoom and are recorded. Phone readings are also available for anyone who is anxious about Zoom. You'll get a recording and a picture of the cards.