About Me

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My Intention

I've spent the past 20 years learning, practicing, and teaching several alternative healing modalities. Lately, I have been working to distill the essence of those experiences to find new ways of helping and inspiring others. My ultimate goal is to provide creative opportunities for reminding people of their true nature. Right now that has taken the form of Zen Tarot readings and original sacred art and products. 


I believe the foundation of our essential nature is wisdom and love. When we get the balance of these two forces right, we exist in a space of connection, spontaneity, and flow

Many years ago I had a dream that helped me come to a deeper intuitive understanding of the underlying intention that informs all my work. In that dream, I entered an old Italian stone farmhouse through the backdoor and found myself in a large inviting kitchen. I was barefoot and I could feel a delicious warmth radiating up through the large paving stones in the floor from where they had baked in the sunshine all day. In the kitchen stood a beautiful older woman who was kneading dough on a heavy rustic wooden table. I was a little bit intimidated by her, but she was extremely approachable and kind.


The woman looked at me and then looked back down at the bread dough she was working with her hands. “This is what you’re doing here,” she said, “That’s all there is to it.” And she was right. I am an intuitive and mystic, but I know that if my approach strays too far from this warm, grounded, and intimate “kitchen table” energy it starts to lose power and effectiveness.  

I believe the creative process is a lot like making the perfect loaf of county bread. You gather your ingredients, let it rise, work with it, and see what happens. Hopefully, the results of this alchemy are nourishing and deeply sustaining. 

Practical Experience That Informs What I do

  • Studied the Great Books of Western philosophy, literature, math and science at St. John’s College. I believe learning the stories that were valued in the past gives you a deeper appreciation for how we got here. It also highlights which stories were left untold or suppressed. 

  • Studied acting at the British American Drama Academy in London and then co-founded a theater company dedicated to putting on productions of classical plays with entirely female casts. The experience of women getting to play a wider variety of roles is liberating and builds empathy. 

  • Got an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Took a deeper dive into the esoteric currents of Western thought and explored ways we could reimagine humanity's role on this planet.  

  • Became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a focus on creating guided meditations to help with stress and promote healing. I worked primarily with people with chronic illness, teachers, therapists, clergy, and others in the helping professions. 

  • Studied and taught energy work and intuitive development for thirteen years the Foundation for Spiritual Development, a nonprofit spiritual growth school. We all have the ability to see with the eyes of spiritual truth. Sometimes we just need guidance, permission, and the right tools to unlock this potential.

  • Volunteered for my son’s school on the PTA Board and Advisory Council. Because I believe that kids, teachers, and learning communities need our energy and support now more than ever.

  • Worked for West Marin Community Services. I've learned that a small group can have a huge impact at the local level. We can take action to strengthen communities and encourage equity for all.