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Example of Commissioned Artwork

Art is healing

My art is inspired by traditional designs of folk art, a deep connection to nature, images of the Divine Mother as she appears in different spiritual traditions from around the globe, and a strong commitment to noticing the extraordinary in the everyday.  

A few years ago I faced a major health challenge as I navigated the unfolding journey of chronic illness. I hadn't painted in many years, but I found myself taking it up again and benefiting tremendously from immersing myself in vibrant colors and subjects that were deeply healing to me. I hope you resonate with these images and the intention behind them. You can find jewelry, cards, journals, and more featuring my art at my Etsy store. 


Like This Work and Want a Piece of Sacred Art That’s Uniquely Your Own? 

I am available to do commissions. 12” x 14” original paintings start at $260. I consider these works to be tangible conduits of healing energy. The intention to give you something to help you connect with inspiration, love, and usher you into the next level of wellbeing. 

Contact me if you’re interested in the commission process and we’ll have a conversation about your personal preferences and vision for the piece. I'll ask some questions and send photos of past work. Then I’ll work to intuitively craft a painting just for you. When it’s finished I’ll send pics, get final approval, collect payment, and send it off to you. 

Available at Adee's Art Spot

Tote Bags



Altar Cards

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